Vaginal Rejuvenation in Newark, DE

Vaginal health issues can be hard for women to talk about and even more difficult to face. First State Aesthetics understands, and we provide a comfortable, private environment for women to express their concerns and learn more about Monalisa Touch for vaginal rejuvenation.

As one of the few practices in New Castle County, Delaware, offering MonaLisa Touch®, we aim to help you discover relief from painful or uncomfortable vaginal conditions. If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse, you may be a good candidate for treatment with the MonaLisa Touch® vaginal laser. MonaLisa Touch is the first laser treatment to counteract the symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy that affects post-menopausal women, breast cancer survivors and women who have had a hysterectomy. Mona Lisa touch Laser treatments regenerate your vaginal tissues and offer many benefits for women.

Vginal Rejuvenation

What is MonaLisa Touch®?

The MonaLisa Touch is a fractional CO2 laser that gently stimulates the production of the vaginal wall tissue improving functionality. The MonaLisa Touch is a minimally invasive treatment that is performed in the office and requires no anesthesia.

For maximum benefit it is performed in three treatments, each approximately six weeks apart. After your 3 treatments, the procedure is recommended annually. This proven technology restores the tone to the vagina, increases blood flow and lubrication. It promotes vaginal lining revitalization and the return of vaginal health.

MonaLisa Touch® laser vaginal treatments aren’t painful, but topical lidocaine is often applied before the treatment to reduce any potential discomfort. Patients should abstain from sexual activity for two days following the procedure, but can otherwise resume their normal routines.

MonaLisa Touch® is completely safe.

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