March 11, 2020

2021-06-09 | 22:10:44

"Was hesitant at first to get laser hair removal on my upper lip, but as I got older, the hairs became darker and coarser. I was thrilled with the results! Don’t wait to schedule, because summer is coming up fast and Chelsea will start booking up!!"
January 24, 2020

Mona Lisa Touch

"After my breast cancer treatment, I had my ovaries removed and began taking Arimidex to reduce my chances of recurrence. As a result, I found myself unable to have intercourse with my husband without extreme pain. I’m only in my 30’s and it has been emotionally difficult for both of us. Mona Lisa Touch gave us back the physical connection. It has been a blessing."
January 13, 2020

"Five Stars Hello and happy holidays! I know I’m late but just wanted to post my before and afters from the treatment center at the 13 week mark post second treatment. The changes aren’t dramatic, but any tiny bit of fat disappearing is awesome in my opinion lol! For my inner thigh pics, if you look at the “thigh gap” area you’ll notice how my thighs look thinner. For my flank area you can see how I look a little curvier from slight fat reduction. I made sure to maintain the same weight from beginning to end as well."